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Hi!  My name is Connor Rothschild. I’m an 18-year-old currently studying Sociology, Political Science and Social Policy Analysis at Rice University in Houston, Texas. I’m passionate about impacting people through policy change, usually via the human-centered design process. You can catch me drinking 6 cups of coffee in a given day, reading The Economist between those cups, and playing with my dog Lucy. 

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Connor Rothschild


Some of the things I’ve worked on

Access Rice

DFA Project

In this project, I worked with a group of undergraduates in Rice's chapter of Design For America to maximize accessibility on Rice University's campus via the human-centered design process.


Some of my writing

Trump’s Troubling War on Leaks

The availability of evidence is crucial when investigating something as secretive as the Trump-Russia relationship, which is why the president is so hostile towards leaks—and why they are so important.


The Cost of Inaction

The tragedy in Aleppo is a defining characteristic of President Obama's foreign policy--and an example of the cost of inaction.

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