©2019 by Connor Rothschild


The Design Journal

Spring 2018

In this project, my Design for America (DFA) team was tasked with creating an undergraduate journal which showcases projects and makes DFA accessible to the outside community. My team created a design journal which explained the structure of DFA, its ongoing projects, and the design process.

Our final product was the result of three testing phases, multiple iterations, and interviews with high-familiarity and low-familiarity users. It can be found here.


Access Rice

Fall 2017

In this project, I worked with a group of undergraduates in Rice’s chapter of Design For America to maximize accessibility on Rice University’s campus via the human-centered design process.

Our semester-long project began by identifying problem spaces at Rice (structural, social, academic), leading us to tackle a problem space we believed to both impactful and feasible: the social scene at Rice. Following research, our team realized that event planners overlook accessibility as a consideration when planning events; accordingly, we sought out a mechanism to improve the proactivity of event planners in maximizing accessibility at their events.

Our finalized product was a checklist that ensures event organizers are proactive in considering accessibility at their events, making sure events have accessible entrances, proactive staff, and accommodation request forms.