Recreating a Table by the Economist Using Reactable

Use {reactable} to create publication-quality tables in R.

Mapping Police Violence

An interactive force diagram built in D3, featured on the [Mapping Police Violence]( homepage.

Mobility and Predictors of Movement During COVID-19

An interactive Shiny dashboard presenting trends in mobility during COVID-19. Winner of the Data 2 Knowledge Lab’s COVID-19 Houston Response Projects competition.

Multiple Views: Recorded COVID-19 Cases, by County

An interactive D3 visualization of COVID-19 cases across counties and over time.

COVID-19 Has Become a Partisan Issue

And, how (and why) to create dumbbell plots in R.

Are You Smarter Than a Criminal Justice Algorithm?

A quick game to see if you are more intelligent than an algorithm used to sentence millions of Americans.

Let Me Guess What You're Doing Right Now

Using data from the American Time Use Survey, let me guess what you’re doing. Right now.

Trends in Refugee Acceptance, 2002 to 2019

And, how (and why) to create small multiples maps in R.

Automation and Its Impact on Jobs

A D3 scatterplot depicting the relationship between education, income, and the likelihood of job loss.

Bible Babies

Using {gganimate} to explore popular Biblically-inspired baby names over time.

Build Your Own Streetmap in R

Recreating popular streetmaps exclusively in R.

How Much Does Your State Spend on the Police?

An exploration of state police budgets, and what else those budgets could buy.

Kanye West's Rebirth: How Being Reborn has Changed Kanye's Music

How the release of Jesus is King ushered in a new era in Kanye West’s discography.

Mapping Houston Homicides

An exploration of homicides in Houston. Winner of the Houston track at the 2020 Rice Datathon.

Mapping Missing Migrants

Since 2014, over 34,000 migrants have died or went missing on their journeys to a better life. Where?

Mapping Opioid-Involved Overdose Deaths

An interactive, animated D3.js map visualization depicting opioid-involved overdose deaths in the US, from 1999 to 2017

Police Killings in the United States, 2013-2018.

Each square represents one person who was killed by police between 2013 and 2018. Explore them for yourself.

Replicating Plots in R (Tidy Tuesday)

Using R to recreate publication-quality visuals.

Scrollytelling in R: Automation and Its Impact on Jobs

An interactive scrollytelling visualization, built exclusively in R Shiny.

Texas Vaccination Rates

An animated 3d map built in R using {rayshader}.